Creativity energizes my senses; the ability and opportunity to sew has enhanced my life greatly.


My vast practical, professional, and educational experiences have cultivated a signature style. My design style could be described as classic with a twist-- traditional pieces with elements of surprise.


In my undergraduate studies, I learned hands-on details of construction, from basic precision of every element of a sewn garment to hand-tailoring fine suits and heirloom garments. Because of that experience nurturing my natural drive to create, I very much enjoy the construction aspect of sewing and design.

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Although I continue to sew all genres of projects, I have immersed myself into different areas of design throughout the years.  Quilting, heirloom, home décor, specialty garments, and tailoring are a few of my favorites. For example, I spent years practicing and learning the art of quilting, as well as, participating in quilt competitions. Several of my quilts have won awards for precision piecing, colorful unique designs, and creative quilting. With the central focus on construction, my versatility as a designer makes my skills unique.

Please take a look below at some of my projects and enjoy!

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